Welcome to my website. This is a platform for everything I like about life. This includes traveling, food, and everything crafty.

My name is Christofere and I am a professional editor, writer, and a non-professional world traveler and food critic. On the home page you will find various blogs related to these subjects. The other tabs will be more focus on specific subjects.

The recipe hacking area will focus on giving tips on specific recipes that I find in cooking books, online and in videos. I am very much an instinctive cook and I realised that whenever I wanted to follow a recipe they were not always straight forward. Therefore I thought it would helpful to share a few tips on specific recipes that I have tried so it can help other succeed in following the recipes the first time around.

I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 8 years old. My grandmother used to drag me into her social craft clubs whenever I was visiting. We used to do crochet, knitting, needlework, cross stitch, patchwork, and baking. Now looking back I realise that this time not only brought me closer to my grandmother but also contaminated me with the ‘creating things bug’. My favorite thing to do is crocheting things for friends and family. This section although will be centered around my crochet projects but I will also try to talk about knitting and cross stitch projects.

The hire me section is where you can find out more about the different services that I offer. Those are around my background in publishing and writing. You will also be able to read some of the testimonies that various clients have written about me so you can hopefully get to know me better. Do feel free to venture into my LinkedIn account if you would like to know more about my professional experience. There is a link to that either in this section or on the homepage.

One thing to know about this website is that all the tips are not tailored for complete beginners. You would have to be a comfortable cook and already crafting to understand what I am on about. There will be quite a lot of jargon and acronyms and I will not always explain them. This is because I want this platform to be for people already cooking and crafters. Do not hesitate to contact me via comments, emails or twitter if you have any queries related content on my blogs. The content is my own opinion on things which comes from my own personal experience and I will always acknowledge any references.

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