Eat & Drink

The Brave Sir Robin

There is a new pub in north London. Not quite new actually because it used to be a couple of different pubs before it became The Brave Sir Robin. There was a bit of anticipation atmosphere in the air as everybody was wondering what would finally emerge from the ashes of the old place. After a 6 months battle with squatters and a reluctant landlord, the ‘brave’ Sir Robin managed to obtain a license and open its premises. It does not disappoint. A good variety of craft beers but what I was looking forward to were the craft ciders.

If you are like me and you do not like fizzy sweet commercial cider it can be hard to find happiness in London. This pub has at least 3 different craft still ciders on tap. Those are anything from dry to medium sweet. I haven’t had that level of variety since I left Cambridge. On top of that there some fizzy dry and medium dry ciders which are also delicious and that I have grown to like.

There is a good selection of board games and a fantastic DJ on the weekend. The DJ plays anything from Jazz to Soul and Rock. None of the commercial popular pop which is a relief. The setting is grunge, cozy with a Scandinavian food theme. I am not sure about the Scandinavian food theme but who cares because it’s delicious. You will be served the type of food you would expect in a high-end restaurant with fresh and delicious ingredients. I cannot recommend anything because most dishes are of high quality.

The only downside is the dessert. There is only one dessert on offer and it is a sort of a chocolate torte. unfortunately, it was rock hard when we got it and the portion was way too big. In my opinion, anything chocolate is never too big but in this case, even sharing with someone else was not enough to finish it because of its richness.

That said the disappointing dessert is not enough to keep me away from the place. This is by far my favorite pub in London. In the 14 years I’ve been living in this city I don’t think I have stumbled into such an intricate place before.

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