Recipe hacking

John Whaite’s upside down clementine cake

This is recipe is from the Waitrose youtube channel. I’m a huge fan of Waitrose because they have great quality products. It’s on the expensive side but I don’t do my main shopping there. I go there when I need something specific that I cannot find in my cheaper local. I recently discovered their youtube channel and they have great recipes there. So I will be reviewing those quite a lot.

I tried the upside-down cake recipe last week and although it was delicious I was not completely happy with it because of a few misses in the process. Below are a few things that I would change.

  1. The clementines are cut in half and left with the skin on: This didn’t work for me. Having to eat warm mandarin skin was a bit strange and it was getting stuck in my teeth. Next time I think I will buy skinless mandarin which I would lay down in the tin on top of the caramel as instructed in the video.
  2. The cardamom crushing: Never again! There look similar to pumpkin seeds, and you have to open to get tiny little seeds inside and crush them. It was pretty much a nightmare for two reasons. It’s hard to open the cardamum shell with your own hands so what you would do is crush them inside the mortar to reveal the seeds. Second, once you do that you then have to spend ages trying to remove the shell. My advice here is not to do what John Whaite tells you to do in the video and actually buy powdered cardamom. You will save lots of time and hassle.
  3. The caramel: So this is really depending on how deep your cake tin is, Mine I think was slightly deeper than John Waite’s (see featured image) but even so I think there just wasn’t enough caramel. The cake itself is moisturised by the caramel. The top part which was embedded in caramel was absolutely delicious, especially because it was also mixed with clementine juice. The bottom half… not so much once your cake is cold. I suggest using between 200g and 250g of sugar for the caramel instead so you have a larger amount. This hopefully will provide the whole cake with a bit more moisture.

Sorry for the lack of media for this post – Next time I bake this cake, I will add photos taking into account the bits of advice above so you can see what it looks like.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments if you’ve tried that recipe before and have further advised, or if you would like to do it and need more info.

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