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Baby blanket with Bernat

I am starting a baby blanket with a Barnet yarn which I bought online. Unfortunately it is not easy to find this yarn in shops in London because I believe that it is an American brand. I have to say that it’s my first time using this yarn and it’s not easy so I thought I should write about it. What I mean by it is not easy is that not only the pattern is hard to decipher but also that it is hard to actually keep track of your stitches because the yarn is very fluffy and makes everything blurry, with lack of better word.

The yarn itself is soft, indulgent and most importantly tested for harmful substances which is very important if you are making something for a baby. As a bonus the brand also provides a couple of free patterns with the yarn and provides a website where you can find all the abbreviations and buy yarns. Below the link to the website:

Now I’m going to show you how to do the crochet pattern in you live in Europe (UK for me but I believe other countries in Europe also use the same terminology). The pattern is called ‘From the middle baby blanket’ for crochet. I assume ‘from the middle’ is actually what they called a circular pattern. The pattern is American and in order to follow you need to translate all stitches first. I’m not going to provide a conversation table because you can easily find it online.

The pattern uses 3 different colours. I am only using one single colour. If you choose to use three colours then change it every time the pattern prompts you to change to the colour you chose for A, B and C.

To start with: Chain 4 then join with slip stitch (UK = ss) to form a ring.

1st round (the easy one):

US: chain 1 (ch1), single crochet (sc), chain 3 (ch3) / UK: ch 1, (double crochet (dc), ch3) X 4 inside the loop. Join with a ss

2nd round 

UK: ss into the next ch3 space (your next corner basically). Ch 3 [US: 2 dc, ch3, 3 dc]. UK = (2 trebles (tr), ch 3, 3 tr) in the same corner space. Then repeat this in the next 3 corners and ss to top of chain 3 and fasten off (if you want to change to a different colour here)

3rd round

If you are using a different colour: join colour B into a ss in the next corner. If you are not adding a colour then just ss the same colour without fasting off into the next corner. Don’t forget that this is going to make working on the st you are covering with this year at the end of the round a bit tricky.

ch 1. [1dc, ch3, 1dc. Chain 3 in same corner space, miss next two tr and 1dc into following two tr. then chain 3.] X 4. Join in ss in the last dc

4th round (gets a bit complicated and doesn’t actually make any sense on the american pattern because they write down enough stitches for 6 sides when you actually only have 4 sides. Unless they want you to transform this into an exagone which is nonsense. So this is what I would do below)

ss inside the ch3 space. ch3. *(2tr, ch3, 3tr)* in the same space. then 3tr in the next two ch3 space.

**(3tr, ch3, 3tr)** in the next corner ch3 space.

Repeat *(…)* and then **(…)** once more

Join with ss to top of 3ch (fasten off your second colour at this point and get ready to start your new colour. If you are using one single colour then ss into the ch3 space)

5th round

You are starting from your next corner at usual. Ch1.

[(1dc, ch3, 1dc) in same corner space. Ch 3. (Miss next two tr, 1dc into next 2 tr, ch3) X 3 ch3] = Repeat until you finish your loop and ss into first dc.

6th round

ss into the next corner ch3.

[Ch3 (2tr, ch3, 3tr) in same space. 3tr inside ch3 space until the end of the row. (3tr, ch3, 3tr) in the next corner.] = Repeat twice then join with ss in top of last ch3

7th round

join new colour in next corner or ss same colour in next corner. Repeat same in round 5

8th round

ss into next corner and then do as in round 6. Change yarn colour every couple of rows.

So basically as you might have guessed the pattern is basically a repetition of row 2 and 3 until you have reached your desired length. If you are a beginner then you might want to do check until row 8 just to make sure you understand the pattern which slightly change of course as you work grows.

Leave any comments if you have any questions or if you are from the US and would like me to send a snapshot of the US pattern.

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