Eat & Drink

Prapraptno beach

Who would have thought that I would ever talk about food that I had on a camp site! Definitely not me in a million years. I’m a planner. Let me explain. I’m always on a tight budget when I travel and travelling, even in Europe, is not cheap. So when I go away I always make sure to plan carefully so I see as much as possible. My holidays are never restful holidays but that’s just how I like it. This means that often I end up waiting for a ferry or a train to go somewhere. I’ve had good and bad experiences in that situation. The worst ones I’ve had were when I was backpacking in Thailand waiting in deserted wastelands for a night bus or arriving in one. A couple of times I thought that I would probably end up being kidnapped by Thai gangs and chopped up and eaten with sweet sour sauce.

Prapratno for me is the sort of place you don’t actually plan to go to. It’s a transitional hub to get from one place to another. But it was surely the most beautiful transitional hub I’ve ever had the pleasure to stay in. Many people complain about the lack of sandy beaches in Croatia. If you decide to go to Croatia don’t forget to buy diving shoes so you don’t end up with blisters because of the rocks everywhere. But there are a few sandy beaches in Croatia and you just have to know where they are (as in ‘use google’). Prapratno was my first surprise, and a very good one. The weather was perfection for a dive. Forty degrees in the city is horrendous, but forty degrees at the beach, your toes deep in the sand and the warm crystal clear water caressing your cheeks is luxurious. The place is also surrounded by olive trees which provide a welcome shade.

The water was shallow and full of colourful fish. Before travelling I researched snorkelling in Croatia and apparently it wasn’t recommended at all but this is my opportunity to say that snorkelling in Croatia is actually great in many places. There isn’t a huge amount of variety in terms of species but I still fell blessed to have been abled to catch a glimpse of such a magnificent underwater display. Regardless whether you are taking the ferry or not I recommend going to that beach if you happen to be driving to Dubrovnik because it’s on the way. Many other things spring to mind as well when I think about this place such as a feeling of safety (we left the car open at some point and the staff at the camp noticed and spread the message over their walkie talkie until it reached the waiter who told us) and a deep sense of peace. No this post wasn’t just going to be about food!

Back to my parentheses, at the restaurant everything is made from scratch. The open kitchen sends waves of exotic mediterranean smells and showcase probably the happiest cook I’ve ever seen. On holiday you never really know why you’re content, you just are. Having this in mind perhaps this post will be biased because of it. Although the camp site is easily found online, you will not be able to find their restaurant. The food was the sort of simple food you will cook yourself at a family barbecue: Grilled meat, salads and homemade bread. Everything was seasoned well but not over powering so you can enjoy the full flavour of the main ingredients. I think the key two words to describe it are fresh and simple ingredients. You don’t need to do much with good quality local ingredients, your plate speaks for itself.

It is also affordable. With the British pound being at its lowest in value, gone are the days when you thought that everything outside the UK was incredibly cheap. Now you actually have to think twice about your budget, and this place ticks all the boxes. Add to this the friendly staff and you’ve found yourself in a tiny paradise on earth.

If you are on public transport you will never find this place. You will need to have a car to get around and allow yourself to make a detour there. Preferably with air-conditioning and packed with gallons of waterproof sun cream.

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