Eat & Drink

The Breakfast Club, Brighton

Staying away from London means staying away from civilisation. Staying away from civilisation for three years means that I’ve been missing some of the greatest new comers in London and this include “The Breakfast Club” which apparently is taking London to storm. It meaningless to say that my life is without purpose unless I have a good breakfast/brunch. The company must be doing well because they are considerably expending and opened a branch in Brighton which is where I’ve discovered it.

When there is a queue in front of the restaurant it is not always a good omen, because most people like to behave like sheep and follow crowds whenever they feel like giving their lives some semblance of purpose, but it is certainly worth investigating. I usually mistrust places that look a lot like american diners but it seems to be fashionable at the moment. I ordered the avocado and poached egg on rye toast with chorizo. I basically ordered all the options there were to order because I’m an all out kind of girl.

Everything could have gone wrong with this breakfast. Yes I do have low expectations when I eat out nowadays, which is very much justified when you have common sense and live in a big city. The avocado was ripe just right, the rye bread wasn’t bitter with the right crunch; the bacon  was crispy and tasty (don’t be shy to use your fingers if it bounces all over the plate when you try to cut it with a knife) and added just the right amount of saltiness to the dish. And finally the egg was perfection: hard on the outside and runny on the inside. To drink I had “The Big Breakfast” smoothy with blueberry, banana, granola flax* and almond milk: absolutely delicious and very filling. So if you have a small stomach try and drink something lighter with your breakfast or don’t choose so many extra with your meals and you will be fine. If you happen to want to make your life difficulty by wanting to walk for hours before hand the reward is just pure glory!

Now because the food was really good I hate to have to end on a negative point here but I have to say a breakfast club which stops serving breakfast at noon is just useless, it’s almost false advertisement and I’m pretty sure false advertisement is illegal in Europe. I mean it’s like going to a vegan restaurant which stops serving vegan food after 1pm. What’s the point of going there the rest of the day if you are a vegan? no point at all. Pull yourself together Breakfast club and server breakfast all bloody day ! oh and I almost forgot the website look like it was created by the my 10 year old self…not pretty.

Don’t waste food cheeky eaters.

* a blue-flowered herbaceous plant that is cultivated for its seed

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